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Speciality Services

Speciality Services

At Pet Safe Pest Management, we offer speciality services for customers that are experiencing pest problems outside of the common pests.

These services include (but are not limited to), the following:

Flying Insect Programs (flies, mosquitoes and wasps)

We can undertake programs for common houseflies, which are crucial to maintain for a hygienic environment, drain / fermentation flies such as the common Phorid Fly in Queensland, pesky and disease carrying mosquitoes and wasps.

We are focused on environmentally and ecological friendly solutions (where possible) and will not eradicate bees, if you are experiencing a swarm of bees, we would recommend that you consider the following as the first point of contact to arrange the safe removal of a swarm:

Common HousefliesDrain/Fermentation FliesMosquitoesBees and Wasps

Rodent Pest Control Programs (Mice and Rats)

Rodent infestations pose a significant threat to both health and business operations. At Pet Safe Pest Management, we recognise the importance of maintaining food safety and safeguarding the well-being of employees and customers. Our comprehensive approach begins with a thorough visual assessment of your site, allowing us to tailor an effective rodent management program to your specific needs.

Stored Product Pest Programs

Pantry moths, in their various varieties, are notorious pests in flour mills and food processing plants. Their presence can lead to contamination of stored food items, affecting their quality and safety.

Fleas and Ticks (Rental Exits and Infestation Programs)

Customer Guide: Flea Management Program.