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About Us

Pet Safe Pest Management & Termite Solutions: Experts from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast

Pet Safe Pest Management & Termite Solutions in Narangba Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia

Decades of Expertise: Leading the Way in Pest Management Solutions

With over 30 years of industry experience, our team has been at the forefront of the pest management industry, serving commercial, industrial, and residential clients, including prestigious accounts like Barrow Island, WA (Class A Nature Reserve), Australian Defence, and Australian Customs, where we've provided services for animal enclosures.

Committed to Family and Furry Friends: Our Pledge at Pet Safe Pest Management

At Pet Safe Pest Management, we've made a conscious choice to dedicate our focus and commitment to serving our valued residential families and their beloved pets.

What sets us apart from your typical pest control company is our unwavering passion and commitment to prioritising the well-being and safety of your family and pets. 

Holistic Home Protection: Expert Inspections and Tailored Solutions for Your Family and Pets

Our expert team is extensively trained to conduct comprehensive home inspections, ensuring that we identify specific requirements and tailor our solutions to provide your family and pets with the highest level of protection. Before commencing our services, we engage with our clients by providing essential information to enhance pet safety and ensure your family's wellbeing. 

Our comprehensive range of services includes termite inspections, where we utilise cutting-edge thermal imaging camera technology, along with general pest management and pest control speciality solutions.

Your Go-To for Pest and Termite Solutions in Brisbane

Discover effective pest treatments and termite control solutions tailored to safeguard your home or commercial space. Our expert team specialises in comprehensive pest control services, offering highly recommended pest inspections and control solutions. Elevate your defence against pests with our top-tier termite inspection treatments. Choose peace of mind—choose PSPM for unparalleled pest and termite control expertise.


  • Sunshine Coast

  • Brisbane Northside & Moreton Bay

  • Brisbane

  • Greater Brisbane

  • Brisbane Southside

Why Choose Us

Friendly and family/pet focused team

Fully insured

Rental / bond invoice and paperwork

Pest Management Licence

Current Blue Card (working with children)

Annual general pest management

Current National Police Check

Telephone Support pre/post treatment

Support local community causes

Connect with Confidence: Reach Out to Pet Safe Pest Management and Termite Solutions!

Secure your home and pets with our tailored solutions. From cutting-edge termite inspections to specialised pest management, our team ensures the highest level of protection for your family. Contact us today for trusted services and enjoy peace of mind.