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Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services Brisbane Narangba QLD: General Pest Treatment

General Pest Treatment

Prioritise your family's safety with our General Pest Management. Book an annual services for a comprehensive home inspection and services targeting spiders, ants, and cockroaches. Our licensed team ensures a pest-controlled home, offering specialised programs for challenging pests. Collaborate with us for eco-friendly, pet-safe treatments and minimise future infestation risks.
Pest Control Services: Termite Inspections and Management Brisbane Narangba QLD

Termite Management

Guard your property from termite threats with PSPMTS. Our precise inspections use cutting-edge technology for accurate detection. We offer an in-depth inspection covering termites, borers, fungal decay, and more, with a detailed report. Insure your investment with our cost-effective prevention and treatment solutions. Expertise, precision, and peace of mind—trust us for termite protection.
Pest Control Services: Rental Properties Brisbane Narangba QLD

End of Lease Flea Treatment

Want a hassle-free bond return with Pet Safe Pest Management? We offer an End of Lease Flea Treatment. Tailored for pet owners, our cost-effective solution meets Residential Tenancy Act requirements. We can schedule the treatment to meet your departure date, and provide a service report and proof of payment for your agent to assist you with your move.
Pest Control Services: Eco and Pet Friendly Servicing Narangba Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia

Eco and Pet Friendly Servicing

Eco & pet-friendly professional pest control! Our proactive approach minimises chemicals, prioritising your family, pets, and the environment. Choose sustainability with Pet Safe Pest Management.
Pest Control Services: Fleas and ticks Brisbane Narangba QLD

Fleas and ticks

Don't let fleas linger! Our professional Flea We offer a comprehensive treatment program, targeting all cycles for a truly pest-managed home.
Pest Control Services: Flies, mossies and bugs Brisbane Narangba QLD

Flies, mossies and bugs

Combat common houseflies, drain/fermentation flies, mosquitoes, and wasps with Pet Safe Pest Management. Our thorough, eco-friendly approach ensures precise and effective control.
Pest Control Services: Mice, rats and other furries Brisbane Narangba QLD

Mice, rats and other furries

Safeguard your space with Pet Safe Pest Management's rodent control. Our tailored programs ensure hygiene and food safety.
Pest Control Services: Speciality Services Brisbane Narangba QLD

Speciality Services

Offers specialised services beyond common household pests. From flying insects to rodents and stored product pests, trust us for tailored solutions.
Pest Control Services: Commercial Pest Management Brisbane Narangba QLD

Commercial Pest Management

Discover Pet Safe Pest Management's tailored solutions for commercial pest management.

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