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Pantry Moth Pest Control Brisbane Narangba QLD

Pest Control: Stored Product Pests

Pantry or Stored Product Pests

Guard your pantry against sneaky pests! Unattended rice, flour, cereals, or spices are their prime targets, with culprits like the rice weevil, saw-toothed grain beetle, and Indian meal moth leading the charge. Detecting an infestation can be tricky, as these pests breed in forgotten food packets. They don't just stick to opened items; they can chew through unopened packages or find their way through tiny folds.

Don't underestimate these pests – they're resilient and challenging to eliminate. They are crafty, hiding eggs in various items like cereals, flour, seeds, and even pet foods. Identifying and discarding infested products are a good start, but eggs can withstand pesticides and hatch months later.

The initial step in eliminating the problem is accurately identifying the pest. Use our guides below. 

Pantry Moths

Stored product moths are a prevalent, with the Indian meal moth, the Mediterranean flour moth, and the tropical warehouse moth being the primary culprits.

In their various varieties, are notorious pests in flour mills and food processing plants. Their presence can lead to contamination of stored food items, affecting their quality and safety.Among these, the Indian meal moth, boasting a wingspan of approximately 15mm, is a common pest found in household groceries.


These are a major pest of whole cereal grains and solid cereal products like pasta, can have a rapid life cycle of 25 days with a population growth rate of 25 times per month. Swift action by a pest controller is crucial to prevent the infestation from spreading further, saving your stored food items from extensive damage.

Cigar Beetles

Cigarette beetles (also known as cigar or tobacco beetles) are a pest found in compressed fibre boards, buildings, wooden ornamental materials, tobacco and stored food products.

Although widespread in Queensland, the cigarette beetle is not a major pest.

  • Attacks stored products and is often found in pantry items such as breakfast cereals, dog biscuits and paprika.

  • Attacks buildings or ornaments, particularly some compressed fibre boards and ponga.

  • Larvae cause most of the damage.

  • Small circular holes about 2mm in diameter left as adults emerge through covering materials.
Confused Flour Beetles

The confused flour beetle gets its name because it is often confused with its nearly identical relative the red flour beetle. The red flour beetle can fly, however, while the confused flour beetle cannot. Both beetles are most common in processed grain products, where their flattened bodies permit them to work their way into almost any package. These packages make their way to stores, and eventually homes. Food heavily infested by these beetles often develop a grayish tint and take on an unpleasant odor.

Flour beetles are scavengers that cannot attack whole grains—they must rely on other insects such as rice weevils or lesser grain borers to first damage the kernels. They are know as “bran bugs” because of their preference for flour and flour by-products. They’ve also been known to infest nuts, cereal, spices, and other grainy dry stored products.

Health and Safety

Infestations of stored product pests can compromise the health and safety of your stored food. Certain pests may leave behind harmful residues or carry contaminants. 

We specialise in developing tailored pest management plans based on the specific type of infestation and the environment in which it occurs. This ensures targeted and effective solutions that address the root cause of the problem, providing long-term relief from stored product pests. 

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Pet Safe Pest Management can assist with pantry moth and weevil infestations is a proactive step to safeguard your stored food, prevent further damage, and maintain a healthy and hygienic space. Our expertise and tailored solutions can efficiently address the specific challenges posed by these pests, offering peace of mind and long-term protection for your stored food inventory.

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