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How Often Should Pest Control Be Done?

How Often Should Pest Control Be Done?

Managing Pests demands a Proactive Approach, prompting the question: What is the optimal frequency for pest management? 

Each home has different considerations regarding pest management, with factors such as geographical location, climate, and landscaping significantly influencing pest activity.

Areas with heightened risk may need more frequent pest control to reduce potential infestations, particularly in climates conducive to year-round pests such as SE Queensland. 

Pet Safe Pest Management & Termite Solutions recommend a minimum of one general pest management service per annum. 

General Pest Service allows for a thorough investigation of the property to identify potential pests, with a targeted treatment that includes environmentally and pet/family safe practices.

The level of pest activity tends to vary with the changing seasons, introduction from external e.g. fleas from the dog park, cockroaches flying inside, flies coming inside on your clothes,  and specific weather events like we have had recently with high humidity and a significant amount of rain, can sometimes mean additional treatment or a speciality service may be required if an infestation has occurred.

Along with annual general pest management to stop the ingress of pests, Pet Safe Pest Management offers speciality treatment services for specific pest infestations such as fleas, rodents, flies, pantry moths, mosquitoes etc.

Adopting preventive measures is a proactive approach to minimise the need for frequent pest management. Basic actions such as effective waste management, sealing entry points, and a clean environment are crucial in preventing pests.

At Pet Safe Pest Management & Termite Solutions, our expert team excels in going beyond conventional approaches, we will assess your specific situation, provide advice on treatment frequency and implement solutions tailored to your needs. With Pet Safe Pest Management & Termite Solutions, you can trust in maintaining a pest-managed environment, ensuring the well-being of your home and, of course, your beloved pets.

A balance between preventative measures, annual treatments, speciality services (if required) and professional guidance will provide a pest-managed environment without unnecessary treatments.