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Can pest management be harmful to Pets?

When faced with a pest in the house, many Australian homeowners resort to doing their pest control treatments. However, a question often arises: "Is pest control harmful to pets?”.


Is there a need for pest management? 

Pests like insects, rodents, and other unwanted organisms can threaten our homes and health. They can cause property damage, spread diseases, and infest our family living areas. As a result, pest management becomes not just important but necessary. However, ensuring that the pest management methods are safe for our pets is crucial.

Potential Risks to Pets

Pets are integral to our families, and their safety is paramount. Pesticides used in pest control, while effectively eliminating pests, can pose potential risks to pets. Pets can ingest these chemicals, absorb them through their skin, or inhale them. Some pesticides can cause overstimulation of the nervous system, liver damage, tremors, convulsions, and seizures. Therefore, ensuring that the pest methods used are pet-safe is essential.

Choosing a Pet Safe Pest Management

The first step towards ensuring pet-safe pest control is choosing the right pest management company.  At Pet Safe Pest Management we will use products that are safe for pets and can provide expert advice regarding pet safety during services. We will provide you with information and answer all your questions and customise the treatment program based on your specific circumstances.

What to Do Before the Service

Before starting the pest control treatment, there are several steps you can take to ensure your pets’ safety:

  • Avoid DIY Pest Control: If you have pets at home, it's best to get professional services. At Pet Safe Pest Management, we can ensure your pets’ safety using our extensive experience, ongoing industry training and expertise.

  • Pre-Service, we will provide a complete information guide outlining everything you need to do before your service.

  • Consultation, our technicians will collect information about all of your pets and family to customise a treatment program specifically for your situation.
  • Speciality Services, if you are getting a speciality service for fleas, it is advisable to consult your vet before the service. They can provide guidance on how to safeguard your pets from further infestation.

  • Post-Service, we will provide you with information about what to expect post service for the specific services you have had completed. 

  • Followup, we are always available for a chat if you have any concerns or queries pre/post treatment. Your family and pets are our highest priority.