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Speciality Services

At Pet Safe Pest Management, we offer speciality services for customers that are experiencing pest problems outside of the common pests.

These services include (but are not limited to), the following:

Flying Insect Programs (flies, mosquitoes and wasps)

We can undertake programs for common houseflies, which are crucial to maintain for a hygienic environment, drain / fermentation flies such as the common Phorid Fly in Queensland, pesky and disease carrying mosquitoes and wasps.

We are focused on environmentally and ecological friendly solutions (where possible) and will not eradicate bees, if you are experiencing a swarm of bees, we would recommend that you consider the following as the first point of contact to arrange the safe removal of a swarm:

Common HousefliesDrain/Fermentation FliesMosquitoesBees and Wasps

Rodent Pest Control Programs (Mice and Rats)

Rodent infestations pose a significant threat to both health and business operations. At Pet Safe Pest Management, we recognise the importance of maintaining food safety and safeguarding the well-being of employees and customers. Our comprehensive approach begins with a thorough visual assessment of your site, allowing us to tailor an effective rodent management program to your specific needs.

Stored Product Pest Programs

Pantry moths, in their various varieties, are notorious pests in flour mills and food processing plants. Their presence can lead to contamination of stored food items, affecting their quality and safety.

Fleas and Ticks (Rental Exits and Infestation Programs)

Customer Guide: Flea Management Program.

Fleas and Ticks

Webbing Spiders

Pest Control: Flea Treatments

Fleas are hard to contain, flea eggs can remain dormant for up to nine months, activated by the vibration of movement around them.  

This means that you could think the problem has been resolved but they are actually still there.  Professional flea treatment is the only way to kill fleas in all their cycles.  

If your dog or cat gets fleas, it’s important that you have your animals deflea'd and vacuum and clean the environment before being treated by a professional The best flea treatment is always prevention. For more information check out our Customer Guide: Flea Management Program.

  • Fleas (cat and dog fleas)

    Fleas are wingless insects that have mouth parts which are adapted for piercing skin and sucking blood. 

    • They have long legs with their hind pair well adapted for jumping.
    • Fleas will feed off a number of warm-blooded mammals such as humans, dogs and cats.
    • The bite of a flea can be extremely itchy and form small red bumps typically around your feet and lower legs. 

    With fleas feeding on a range of hosts, diseases are able to be transferred from one host to another. Fleas are well known for transmitting a variety of viral and bacterial diseases to humans and animals.

  • Flea Treatment For Your House

    Flea treatment for your house is an important part of maintaining a healthy home; particularly when you have animals or live in areas where other animals such as cats and rats may wonder through your property. 

    Fleas and their eggs are often found living in the garden and in sandy areas, they then find their way into the home, living in carpet, flooring cracks and crevasses. 

  • End of Lease Flea Treatment

    Check out the End of Lease Flea Treatments
    If you are renting a home and have pets, chances are you have paid a pet bond and the only way to get that bond back, is to have an ‘end of lease flea treatment’ carried out upon you vacating the property.  

    • It’s important that you advise us if your pet has ever had fleas.  
    • Treating for dormant flea eggs is vital 
    • We will carry out a flea inspection of the property and provide you with a report and receipts.
    • Should fleas be discovered, we will carry out a full flea treatment program (inside/outside)
    • In the event that no fleas are discovered, we will carry out a basic flea prevention treatment inside
  • Tick Identification

    Check your pets! Wet weather preceding warmer temperatures is the ideal time for ticks to be out in force.

    Australian Tick Identification Chart

    Ticks can harm both humans and pets. 

    They’re only a couple millimetres in size, making them hard to see. Even if they’re biting you, they’re difficult to detect, as they secrete an aesthetic into their host before latching on. If this happens, the tick may cause a skin irritation or allergic reaction, possibly alerting you to their presence a few days after you’ve been bitten.

    Ticks also transmit a wide variety of pathogens, most notably Lyme Disease, Human Monocytic Ehrlichiosis, or Southern Tick-Associated Rash Illness. Fortunately, Lyme Disease is extremely rare in Australia.

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Eco and Pet Friendly Servicing

Eco and Pet Friendly Pest Management Services

We understand the growing need and desire for safe and eco-friendly pest management. Protecting our local environment, and the health of our pets and loved ones is everyone’s top priority. We will give you the truth about what we can and can't do and we understand what true eco-friendly pest management means, we are even seeing an attempt to make chemicals safer for humans and the environment by chemical manufacturer’s who are now designing products that only warrant protection for a few months.  

Unfortunately, without the use of chemicals we’re unable to effectively manage pests from homes and properties. We do, however, implement a proactive, vs. reactive approach to pest management.

Eco-Friendly Services 

Along with our clients support, we are able to accommodate integrated pest solutions that offer eco-friendly outcomes. Working with our customers, we are able to apply less chemicals than a one-off job, thereby reducing the amounts of chemicals entering our local environment. This method of planet-friendly pest control benefits us, our pets, local flora and fauna, and our wider environments.

We can apply our eco-safe pest control techniques to a wide range of common pests, including ants, termites, and cockroaches that we target.

Pet Friendly Services

By using the latest in pest control techniques and treatments we ensure pet safe and family friendly pest management.

We understand the importance of keeping your loved ones safe and that’s why we always offer the friendliest solution. In an aim to be as environmentally friendly and safe as possible, 

Prevention is always better than cure, which also means less chemicals need to be used, which is always a better option. 

Pet Safe Pest Management are a family owned and operated business with over 20 years' of experience. We pride ourselves on using the latest pest control technology and providing honest and up to date advice.

Why Choose Us?

  • Your family and pets are our first priority 
  • We’re local, and we care about our environment
  • Living sustainably is important to us
  • Our technicians are licensed, experienced professionals
  • We truly care about our clients and always endeavour to give the most honest information

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